PEEK cage family

pezo™ is a group of implants for support of the intervertebral space in the lumbar and lumbosacral spine with the purpose of supporting bone fusion of the vertebral bodies.

The pezo™ advantages at a glance:

  • Favorable elastic modulus
  • Radiolucency
  • Artefact-free CT and MRI diagnostic imaging
  • Reliable position control

Along with the tezo™ titanium cages, ulrich medical offers a full range for lumbosacral interbody fusion.

The advantages of the ulrich medical cage family at a glance:

  • All implants available in PEEK and titanium
  • All posterior and anterior approaches (PLIF, TLIF, ALIF)
  • Anatomical shape and rounded edges
  • Sophisticated toothing for a high degree of primary stability
  • Large selection of cage sizes
  • Compatible instrument set for all approaches
  • Cage family – Same functional principle
  • Sterile for 10 years and featuring intelligent color-coding

Fusion procedures are indicated, for example, for:

  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Post-diskectomy syndrome
  • Revision following disk surgery
  • Degenerative instability
  • Lytic spondylolisthesis
  • Congenital malposition, e.g. scoliosis
  • Spinal canal stenosis with clinical instability
  • Pseudarthrosis


  • 3 cage types: pezo-P, pezo-T, pezo-A
  • Radiolicent PEEK Optima® LT1 material
  • X-ray markers for positioning
  • Streamlined anatomical design
  • Maximal filling volume
















YOUR ulrich medical®
  • Full range
  • The ideal cage for each indication
  • Optimal anatomical adjustment
  • Flexible
  • Safe
  • Simple and uncomplicated