uBase™ - iliosacral fixation system

Our new uBase™ implant system expands the extensive fixation options of the popular, universal uCentum™ pedicle screw system to include stabilization of the sacrum and ilium. The uBase™ screws can be positioned in a purely sacral, iliosacral, and also purely iliac manner.

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Change of contrast agent with only 2 keys?

Use the  innovative tandem function of our contrast agent injector CT motion for a fast and easy switch of contrast media! At any time you have access to two different contrast media, without time-consuming change of media containers. Just choose the proper contrast medium according to patient and examination.

Curved Inserter for vertebral body replacement obeliscPRO

Our vertebral body implant obeliscPRO is considered to be the gold standard for bridging substance defects of the thoracic and lumbar spine. The proven instruments have now been expanded by a curved inserter. An instrument especially developed for the challenging placement of the implant in case of dorsal surgery techniques at the thoracic spine. Because of the curvature, the implant is placed past the patient's neural structures. In addition, only minor rib resection is required. The surgeon thus saves time while also increasing patient safety.

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ulrich medical takes a new approach in product training

ulrich medical is the only manufacturer of Contrast Media Injectors providing application videos. The detailed sequences show every single step of the daily routine with an injector in a clinic. On the injector-terminal screen it´s possible to watch it time and again. In addition they are available online on the ulrich medical YouTube channel from now on. The videos are an additional step towards higher usability and patient safety. The videos are not meant to replace the on-site training.

uDesis: Synthetic bone substitute

Now available: The synthetic bone substitute „uDesis“ – Can be optimally combined with the ulrich medical spinal systems    

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MR Compact
07/07/16 to 07/09/16
Bamberg, Germany
14th Cervical Spine Course
09/01/16 to 09/03/16
Halle, Germany
Jahrestagung der SRG und TGRN
09/02/16 to 09/04/16
Suhl, Germany

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